Yoga - Gold Silver Bronze

Yoga - Gold Silver Bronze

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Annabel wanted to create original works of art from designs which have hitherto only been available as prints. The paper cuts sit away from a background of various media including paint, metallic leaf and antique maps. Each paper cut is unique although she can produce variations on the same theme. There is unlimited potential to create an image customised for the individual. All images are provided unframed.


Yoga art

Twelve years ago Annabel started a yoga group at her former work place after recognising the need for staff well-being sessions. She had become an advocate for the simple but essential philosophy behind Yoga and wish that it had been a part of her Olympic training programme - many of the poses are almost tailor made for rowers. It is brilliant for the mind and body and now forms an essential part of the Oxford Junior Rowing Course which Annabel has co-founded with other rowing enthusiasts.

This image measures 40 x 40cm








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