Activity Fleece

Activity Fleece

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Our activity fleece is designed by rowers for rowers using a top quality material. It is made from two layers of fleece with a waterproof membrane bonded between the layers. This means it is waterproof and windproof and you will notice the difference as soon as you put it on. 

It also has a small pocket at the back -ideal for car key or mobile phone. It is longer in length at the back to keep your kidneys warm but not too long at the front so it doesn't bunch up while you are rowing. The sleeves are extra long with thumbholes to give that extra warmth when you are getting the boat out on a cold morning!

Sizing guide (approximate as the fabric is not as 'giving' as cotton / microfleece).

  • S to fit 32-34 in chest (or approx women's size 8-10)
  • M to fit 35-38 in chest (or approx women's size 10-12) 
  • L to fit 39-41 in chest (or approx women's size 14)
  • XL to fit 42-44 in chest (or approx women's size 16+)
  • XXL to fit 45-47 in chest (or approx Women's size 18+)

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