Rowing Pogies fleece
Rowing Pogies fleece

Fleece Pogies: Rowing

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Our fleece is windproof and waterproof (2 layers of fleece with a waterproof film bonded between them) and the pogies have supplex cuffs for comfort and ease of getting on and off! We have tested ours out on real rowers in real rough weather so we know they work - and we have designed in that they don't bunch badly in your palm and do come off quickly in an emergency!

You need to order either a bow side rowing pair or a stroke side rowing pair - this is really important so that your oar goes into the outside hand the right way up! We have used the bow side on the small pic here and the stroke side on the big pic! Or order the set of 3 (back to the warm & dry page and select COMBI POGIES) and you can row either side or scull!

This is a PAIR of 2 pogies - order ONE and you will get one pair of 2 pogies. Order 2 and you will get 2 sets of 2 pogies!

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