Fleece Pogies: Sculling

Fleece Pogies: Sculling

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We have used the most fabulous fabric for these pogies - it's windproof and water-proof made with 2 layers of fleece with a waterproof film bonded betweeen the layers. The pogies have red and green cuffs and embroidery (red on strokeside, green on bowside).

We have tested ours out on real rowers in real rough weather so we know they work - and we have designed in that they don't bunch badly in your palm and do come off quickly in an emergency!

This is a sculling pair so you will receive one bow side and one stroke side pogie. They are sold as a pair - order one and you will receive one pair! There is also a set of 3 pogies which allows you to row and scull as it has the inside hand glove which allows the oar to go in and out of the glove - see other suggestions below!

These are one size pogies and fit adult hands. However, as the rowers hand and blade handle go inside the mitt the size isn't very important - they keep the cold and wet away from the hands.

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